Spliced - Pop Up Show of Erin Parsch Photography

Abstract painter and photographer Erin Parsch works and lives in the East Village. Drawn to the tension of connecting her aesthetic sensibilities with the world and the wilful drive towards self-expression that can only be found alone, she seeks to capture these encounters of aloneness, a thin pale boundary between people that often defeats love, yet that is infused with a hopefulness that she cannot let go of.

Using a wide range of complex multimedia, shapes and forms, performance and photography as well as oil, fiberglass, Vellum, Japanese papers, weathered and abandoned artefacts, surface rubbings, and increasingly incorporating raw materials from the urban environment that surrounds her in New York City whose texture and layers produce a unified piece that successfully merges into a single work of art. Her origins as a visual artist began as a set designer, creating commissioned works and installations in collaboration with various choreographers and musicians such as Lucia Dlugoszewski and David Taylor. A classically trained dancer and performance artist, her career includes most notably performing as a principal with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company and as a performance artist at Alvin Ailey. Ms. Parsch’s work has been exhibited at Florence Gould Hall (2003), Lincoln Center (2005), Wooster Arts Space (2006), and Manhattan School of Music (2016). In collaboration with poet Jeffrey Yang, Erin co-authored and created a series of art works for the poem, “The Mountain”, published in 2009. Seven large fiberglass paintings were exhibited at a solo pop up show “Pulverized” in Chelsea last November. She is excited to have another pop up show “Spliced” on April 20th at the same venue of life size photography. No photo shop was used to create the images of the show which will also feature Erick Hawkins Dance Company members and composer Dov Manski in a world premiere.


"Spliced" women
24" x 73"
Pigment photo on Aluminum
AP #1/7 2017


"Jane Street Women"
Pigment photo on Aluminum
24" x 24
AP #1/7 2017

24 Karat

So what with the U.S. Dow closing at a record-breaking 20k+ yesterday, many Americans are feeling particularly flush.  Are we in for another decade of excess like the 80s?  If so, I'm all for a resurgence of the music (best music ever IMO) though maybe not the big hair (and don't you know hairspray is full of CFCs anyway!).  But I ran across these amazing images on Behance from Marjorie Lapointe-Aubert, an amazing Québécoise photographer, who does gold right.  I love her out of the box images not to mention this is one of my favorite color combos (black and gold).  Her eye for the inspiration in everyday objects is amazing, you can check out all of her amazing work right here.

500px Launches RAW App to Support Global Photography On-Demand Service

500px, the premier photography community and photography on-demand platform, today announces the launch of RAW by 500px, a new mobile application for capturing, editing and licensing beautiful images. The application is also the interface for photographers participating in the company's global custom photography service.

"We quietly rolled out our global photography on-demand service a year ago to preferred clients and the uptake has been unbelievable," said Andy Yang, CEO of 500px. "RAW is the first of a number of products rolling out in the coming months to support this service. It's a new way for photographers to secure paid work for doing what they love."

RAW is a full service app designed for skilled photographers like Ashley McKinney, a popular lifestyle, commercial and travel photographer who splits her time between Boston and Los Angeles. "Editing is what makes a photograph your own and 500px has nailed it with the ability to adjust colors by hue, saturation, and luminance and save it as your own filter."

Using RAW, photographers can share their best work to the 500px photography community and can sign up to participate in photography on-demand. Starting soon, RAW users will get notified of on-demand assignments near them. Using RAW photographers can:

  • Capture and edit RAW file formats
  • Use powerful editing tools including hue, saturation, and luminance controls and create custom filters
  • Use filters created by some of the top 500px community members
  • Upload and license photos to 500px and share to social networks
  • Create, export and attach model releases to photos
  • Sign up for photography on-demand to participate in photography assignments
  • Get notified about Assignments near them (view, accept, and complete Assignments coming soon)

"Our partner brands, including Airbnb, Google, and Lonely Planet, have seen tremendous success. We can now direct our 8 million photographers towards any idea or creative brief. We've proven that photography on-demand can be done at scale, for a competitive price, while paying photographers fairly," added Yang.

RAW is currently available for download in the iOS App Store. For more information on hiring a photographer for an assignment, go here: http://500px.com/business

Featured Photoshoot: "LOST" by Ole Roesner

LOST by OLE Roesner

Photographer: Ole Roesner

Actor: Gernot Edelmann

Hair & Makeup: Ole Roesner

Styling: Ole Roesner

Photography Assistant: Kristina Laffin

Location: Berlin


Check out Ole Roesner on Twitter and Instagram


Editorial_LOST_by_OLE_Roesner4 copy Editorial_LOST_by_OLE_Roesner2 copy


Travel Photographer of the Year Exhibition Opens in Greenwich

World-class travel images come to London for the summer, when the Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) exhibition opened  Friday, July 22, at 10 Stockwell Street, the award-winning building at the University of Greenwich, within the Maritime Greenwich UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Open seven days a week, this magnificent, free-to-view exhibition runs from July 22nd to September 4th. At its previous London ‘home’ the TPOTY summer exhibition received over 50,000 visitors in 2015 alone, and the move to Greenwich adds a major new attraction to an already hugely popular area of the city.

The photographs on display are the latest winning shots from the international Travel Photographer of the Year awards (TPOTY), one of the world’s leading photography competitions. Photographers from 114 countries entered TPOTY, and the winning images give a beautiful, fascinating, entertaining and, at times, moving, depiction of life, cultures, wildlife and landscape all over the planet.

From atmospheric pictures of Louisiana wetlands, quirky portraits of pelicans off the coast of Namibia, delicate, close-up semi-abstracts of dew-covered spiders’ webs and a charming shot of a rather quizzical meerkat to insightful images of the Basotho people in Lesotho, the Kazakh wedding season in Mongolia and street life in China, the exhibited photographs cover a wide range of styles and subjects, all captured by immensely talented photographers, young and old, from around the world. The exhibition will provide the ideal source of inspiration for potential entrants for the 2016 TPOTY awards, which are open for entry at tpoty.com.

Housing the University’s departments of Architecture, Landscape and Arts, the Stockwell Street building won the RIBA National and RIBA London Awards in 2015. The exhibition space is flooded with natural light so will display the photographs to their best advantage, in a calm, relaxed atmosphere that’s ideal for visitors of all ages.

The combination of the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition and the world-famous attractions all just a short walk away - including the iconic sailing ship Cutty Sark, the historic town centre, the Royal Park, the superb National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House Art Gallery and the famous Greenwich Market – means that exhibition visitors will be able to enjoy a fantastic day out.

Visitors can take home the winning images in the form of the latest TPOTY book, Journey Eight, which will go on sale at the exhibition. They will also be able to buy postcards and greetings cards featuring a selection of the winning images. And they can even vote for their own favourite image, with the chance to win a trip to photograph the Northern Lights with Hurtigruten, a Halcon Traveller jacket from Páramo or leather goods from StaaG.

This stunning exhibition is free to visit, and open daily from Friday 22nd July to Sunday 4th September.