Ballerina Orders In-N-Out in First of New Concept Photography Series From Albert Halim

Photographer Albert Halim recently collaborated with ballet dancer D. Sine Chan-Golston and launched a new concept photography series where ballerinas are captured in common everyday settings. The first photo in the series was taken as Sine was placing an order at In-N-Out. Albert was recently interviewed by Creative Squeeze and shared his experience putting the project together.



What was the inspiration behind this photo?

“I’ve been wanting to shoot this concept for a while now and I’m stoked to finally get it off the ground. I’ve always had a gravitation towards ballet dancing. There’s a beauty and grace to it that simply inspires me. My idea was to contrast a ballet dancer in different scenarios throughout the city where they would be doing different things that you wouldn’t normally picture them doing in ballet form.”

Who was the subject?

“Sine was the model for this photo and she was incredible to work with. She’s actually a ballerina and travels back and forth between LA and New York to dance. She was fearless and not afraid to put herself out there and do her thing.”

How difficult was it to shoot this?

“Incredibly nervous! I knew we had very limited shots and time to work with, so we had to plan out the pose and composition ahead of time. We actually had a few other concepts we wanted to shoot, but we had to settle for the first and only composition we were able to shoot inside the location.”

Was everyone okay with the shoot?

“There was definitely a lot of staring, but surprisingly no hard time from In-N-Out. I’m sure they appreciated that we were quick about it. The cashier was game and willing to cooperate with us. I’ve learned over time to not be afraid to simply ask. Asking, being polite and respectful will surprisingly get you further than you think.”

Are there other concepts or ideas lined up?

“This is the first of a series that I have lined up, but I’ve got more coming up. Can’t wait to share it!”

After the photo, was there any ordering done?

“Of course! Double-Double – Animal Style with extra grilled onions and whole grilled onions. With fries and a root beer :)”

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