Wacom Australia’s global digital art competition is back for 2017

This year, more than 40 artists have been selected as winners from the Wacom The Next Level competition and will have their artwork exhibited alongside national and internationally renowned artists including David Milan, Rik Oostenbroek, Lauren Carney, Merda, Gemma Correll and Sha’an d’Anthes.


The competition attracted 1900 entries worldwide, 700 more than last year. “Every year we are absolutely blown away by the calibre of entries The Next Level draws. This is the best part about our job, we love seeing the amazing work people are able to produce and knowing that we play some small part in that. There is nothing more inspiring to us here at Wacom and it helps to push us further as a company,” says Simon Marshall, Marketing Manager at Wacom ANZ.

The chosen winners will not only have their work exhibited and published in The Next Level publication featuring artwork from across the globe, but if purchased at the exhibitions, will receive profits from the sale, less the production costs.

One of the renowned artists that will be showcased at the exhibitions is Sydney based illustrator and artist Bill Hope. “Exhibiting with The Next Level Competition allowed me to show my work alongside some of the best talent in the digital arts scene. Wacom consistently brings together artists committed to expanding the realms of what is possible in the medium and it's an exciting cohort to be represented amongst,” says Mr. Hope.

The not-to-be-missed exhibitions will be held in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney throughout September to November.


Auckland: 21 Sept – 5 Oct @ Silo Park, Beaumont St & Jellicoe St, Auckland
Opening Night: Friday 29th September 6-9pm

Melbourne: 31 Oct – 13 Nov @ Besser Space, 15-25 Keele St, Collingwood
Opening Night: Friday 23rd November 6-9pm

Sydney: 22 Nov – 3 Dec @ M2 Gallery, 4/450 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills
Opening Night: Friday 24th November 6-9pm

The Australian winners of The Next Level competition are:

Adam Dunt

Alex Solis

Andrew Kostakis

Andy Sutton


Angelo Konofaos (knf)

Ark Eleven

Bill Hope



Brodee Leonard


Clare Brady

Colorbot/Ricardo Juårez

David Johnston

Dean A Jones


Elen Winata

Freddy Bustamante

Furry Little Peach

Greg Martin

Grizzly Street

HezronH Vivian

Janine Millington

Josh Thorsen Yung

Kalliopi Lyviaki

KatArt Illustrations



Little Fox


Matthew Heath

Meg Theodore

Michelle Webb

Mitch Revs

monstery and me

Nelson Nokela




Rosie Apps

Scott Gessler


Sophie Melissa

Stephen Mooney

Thayne Abraham

Tobe Fonseca

Street Tolio

Vivian Mineker


Yung Jiz Grafix

Zheng Qu

For more information visit: www.wacomnextlevel.com

Wacom Unveils The Newest Additions To Its Bamboo Family Of Smartpads: Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio

How often have you forgotten that important note or lost it in the clutter? Help is here. Wacom’s Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio smartpads help thinkers and doers capture, shape, share and organise ideas on the go.

“Our Bamboo smartpads are made to naturally fit into any workflow, fusing the ease of writing naturally on pen and paper with digital technology to transform thoughts to ideas. The smartpads provide a proactive solution for those that are looking to organise and protect their valuable ideas as they bring them from paper to the cloud – whether that’s at home, at school or at work,” says Mike Gay, Senior Vice President for Wacom’s Consumer Business Unit.

Form meets function for on-the-go note taking and idea generating

Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio smartpads allow users to turn their handwritten notes or sketches into digital files with a simple push of a button. The use of Wacom’s Inkspace app and other integrated cloud services, offer easy editing and access from anywhere across the globe. Inkspace is the central hub for all digital ink files in the Wacom cloud providing a search function, helping users to manage their handwritten notes.

They’re ideal for note takers and idea creators – whether it’s the business traveller that needs a professional notepad to capture and organise meeting notes and ideas, students that jot down and pack their notes from class to study sessions to home, or teachers that need to record and protect their valuable lesson plans.

Bamboo Slate is a small version with no cover and a lower price tag, suitable for the at home “hobbyist” whilst the Bamboo Folio provides an added benefit for those looking to easily and safely transport their notes and ideas. The textured cover keeps everything in place and provides stylish protection with extra slots for business cards and other documents.


Stay organised

The Bamboo smartpads provide peace of mind so you never have to worry about losing a good idea again. Store and organise notes in Wacom Inkspace or easily add them to DropBox, Evernote or OneNote from a smartphone. Files can also be saved locally (up to 100 pages) on both Bamboo Folio and Slate.

Once handwritten notes are converted to digital files, users can download the Bamboo Paper app to easily highlight notes to review with classmates or add annotations to a presentation. With a paid subscription to Wacom Inkspace Plus, users can also convert images to vector files and collaborate in real-time mode, so friends and colleagues can watch ideas come to life remotely as they are drawn on paper.


Pricing and availability

Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio are available for purchase at Scorptec AU, Noel Leeming NZ, PB Technologies NZ and online via www.buywacom.com.au

Bamboo Slate, small - $189.00   Bamboo Slate, large - $219.00

Bamboo Folio, small - $219.00   Bamboo Folio, large - $289.00

For additional information, view:

Bamboo Slate – https://vimeo.com/216789660

Bamboo Folio – https://vimeo.com/216789601