Capture Life, Not A Picture: The Resurgence In Candid Photography

Candid photography is growing more and more popular. It is not hard to see why candid photography is making such a prominent comeback, the natural behaviour in a natural setting creates a timeless photograph.

The fact that you are capturing subjects when they are unaware helps the picture to build a snapshot of life, not a forced scene with a fixed image in mind. The rise of social media and photo sharing platforms has widened the hobby to new audiences which has led to an increase in candid photography. As candid photography requires little preparation, it is perfect for amateurs to try as well as experienced and professional photographers to perfect. While social media has given photography an increase in popularity, coupled with the growing camera technology available on smartphone, it has led confusion as to what is branded as candid.

Candid and street photography are two photographic genres that are increasing in popularity as a way of capturing real-life rather than a prepared scene and commonly confused and misrepresented on social media. Street photography focuses on the public spaces more than the unaware subject that candid gets success from.

Candid wedding photography is another field that is growing as it helps images to retain their freshness and spontaneity, rather than a fixed portrait that can become a tired, generic and ultimately boring. If you want to try out candid photography for yourself, here are five top tips:

• Take your camera everywhere, so you feel more comfortable
• Don’t use flash, instead raise your ISO for low light conditions and remaining unseen
• Be patient to capture the best moment or facial expression
• Shoot in burst mode to increase your chances of the perfect shot
• Blend in so that the crowd isn’t aware of you and will act naturally.