As a graphic designer, of course I am pretty much obsessed with typography.   Maybe some designers just go along their merry way popping in a Futura Book or Classic Grotesque (or if they really want to splash out, Scriptina, the hands-down most overused script font in the world if you ask me), but I am super picky about type.  I spend hours combing font sites and looking for new fonts, particularly ones that you don’t see everywhere, and I love any kind of typography collage or inspiration board.

The new trend these days seems to be handwritten or hand-drawn fonts, which is awesome if you’re a true fine artist, but I’m actually not so I’m pretty reliant upon manipulating existing fonts and using Illustrator or Photoshop brushes to get that hand-drawn look that is featured in some of these photos.  I have a huge collection of hand-drawn typography on my Pinterest board here so if you’re looking for some inspiration of the edgy boho script type, feel free to check it out, just a few samples above.

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