Web developers and those in the lead generation business are sometimes accused of not reading the platforms they have created. This is certainly not the case for business owner David Robinson from Red Evolution. Not only did he develop Share My Office, but he spotted a new co-working space called mi-HUB in Whitechapel, London set up by Rafael dos Santos.

mi-HUB is located in Batty Street near Aldgate East Underground Station and provides the necessary training to migrants to run a successful company as well as offering an exciting Migrant Business Accelerator programme, giving migrants the best start.

Rafael dos Santos was born in 1981 and is a Brazilian-British multi-award winning entrepreneur who has lived in London since 2002. In 2015 Rafael decided to support migrant entrepreneurs in their quest to start and grow their businesses.

Founder of mi-HUB, entrepreneur Rafael dos Santos said: “I am absolutely delighted! It makes me smile that our first new tenant who has responded to our marketing drive lives in Scotland.”

David Robinson, who lives in Aboyne, North East Scotland, is looking to expand his business. He chose mi-HUB because he is a fairly new entrant into the London market and believes it would be good to enjoy the journey with like-minded people.

Red Evolution has a flexible package with the new business hub of which different team members will be able to use the facilities. Their ideal clients are businesses who are confused about the web and believe that they could do more with it.

Lead generation expert, David Robinson explains, “We’re pretty diverse for a small business. The revenue comes from helping other businesses generate leads from their website. However, we also develop our own projects.”

The web developers at Red Evolution created sites such as Share My Office, the platform on which Red Evolution and mi-HUB were introduced, and Alertise, a strategic planning Software as a Service (SaaS) product.

The business works with a large IT support company and a car finance business in London. Red Evolution currently services a wide range of clients including an exhibition stand specialist, an environmental charity and a professional broadcasting organisation.

David Robinson’s advice to small business owners is to outsource non-core activities for example, having a good accountant. He describes this as, “Things that will consume your time and especially things you’re not likely to be good at”.

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