Low cost plans ideal for web businesses, bloggers, and online retailers.

On September 9, PicNinja officially launched. The new company offers graphic design subscription plans, as well as individual projects, at highly affordable rates. They were created to address a deficit in affordable, high-quality graphic design.

PicNinja’s founders, Kelsey Price and Logan Bertram, started the firm to address a shortage of affordable, high-quality graphic design services available to small businesses. Traditional graphic design firms can charge upwards of $90 an hour, and demand minimum commitments which make small projects prohibitively expensive for small businesses. Unlimited design firms have sprung up to address the need for high volume design work, but their plans are often around $400 a month.

“More than anyone, small business owners need to be able to market themselves effectively, and one of the most expensive parts of a successful marketing strategy is often the design work. We decided pretty early on, that we wanted PicNinja to help small businesses by offering graphic design options they could afford,” Logan stated.

For $35 a month, PicNinja’s smallest plan promises five finished graphics and 72 hour turnaround. They offer larger plans to accommodate businesses of all types and sizes.

Headquartered in Ridgeland, SC, PicNinja is one of the South Carolina Lowcountry’s most exciting new companies.  Learn more at https://thepicninja.com or http://facebook.com/thepicninja.