The Luxury Property Show is coming! London, Olympia 27-28 October

Once an investment niche, luxury property is now a rapidly growing market with recent data from Christies International Real Estate revealing the world’s top ten reported property sales were all priced above $100 million for the first time in the year to May 2017. Riding the wave of excitement surrounding this emerging market, the Luxury Property Show returns to London Olympia this Autumn – headed by ever-knowledgeable Director Eddie Sikora.

The show, now in its 11th year, runs from Friday 27th to Saturday 28th October and will play host to more than 50 exhibitors from around the world presenting investors with opportunities ranging from Mediterranean villas to beachside apartments in Thailand via alpine retreats in Northern Europe to luxury lofts in New York.

The exhibitors and sponsors list is long and distinguished as usual, and includes St James Place Wealth Management, Remax, Almanzora, Baker Woods, Mansion Global, Yamaha Music, Corcoran Group, Prime Properties, the International Property Awards and many more.

Alongside a wide range of exhibitors and stands the show also includes an in-depth schedule of seminars offering real world investment advice for investors ranging from those exploring the market for the first time, to seasoned professionals with global portfolios. The seminars will tackle key questions around the market including where to find the next global property hotspot to how to mitigate political risk and uncertainty. Among those delivering seminars are key industry figures and property funds.

As one key sponsor explains: “We live in a globalised world and leading investors increasingly recognise this, and build investment strategies appropriately. By taking a big picture approach – and factoring in the political and economic trends that can impact property values – those willing to do their research can make some healthy returns.

“Events like the Luxury Property Show have an increasing role to play in sowing the seeds of this market, and are a great opportunity to bring together some of the sharpest investment minds under one roof.”

Commenting ahead of the show, Eddie Sikora, Director of the show said: “Investing in property has always been a good option and, over the long-term, property investments continue to outperform other asset classes.

“With many domestic markets saturated however, and housing becoming an increasingly political concern, investors now are looking globally and focusing attention on the more exclusive end of the market – which carries less risk and where returns can be greater. Our show at the Olympia has gone from strength to strength on the back of this trend and we expect this year to be our biggest yet, bring investors and opportunities together to explore the potential of this market.”

Writing credit: Liam Thompson, Sierra Kilo PR


The Luxury Property Show runs from 27th – 28th October at the London Olympia. For further information about the show and opportunities to either exhibit or visit, head to .

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Luxury Property Show Key Sponsors:

FX: Foremost Currency Group:

Currency Exchange specialists with over 12 years expertise in supporting property agents and clients with their overseas property purchase or sale.



Platinum: The Resident.

Registration: Corcoran Group

Delegates: SKS Media

Silver: Mayfair International

Silver: Quinton International

Silver: Andermatt Swiss Alps

Silver: The Good Estate Agency

Media: International Property & Travel

Local Media: Abode2

Key Media: London Property South

Featured Exhibitors:

Yamaha London
RE/MAX Collection, Luxury Lake View
Baker & Woods
Allez Francais
International Property Awards
Diamond Casas
Sothebys International
Mansion Global
Frank Salt Malta
Costa del Sol Living
The Good Estate Agency
Little House London
Square Edge
Remax Thailand
Cerro Novo
The Black Truffle Company
Desert Springs Almanzora
Remax Portugal
Remax Curacao
Solis y Mare
Landmass London
Cilo Marbella
Prime Property
Schon Properties
Aristo Developers
Fine & Country Interior Design
London Property South
Aqua Hot Tubs
MJ Developpement
Mythic Grand Gaube
Your Valley Home
NCB Group
The Buying Agents
Elite Spanish Homes
Remax Cayman
Reyna Independent
Zero Gravity Skin

Featured Special Guest Speakers:

Ian Stafford, Chairman of London Sporting Club

Guy Kelsey, Acquisitions Manager, Jackson Stops, Mayfair

The Future of Interior Design in 2017 - California Legislative Coalition for Interior Design

​Remodeling spending has been increasing in the last half of 2016, and according to an October survey from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, it’s expected to jump by 8.3% by the second quarter of 2017, up from 5.7% growth in the same period in 2016. While the first two quarters of 2016 were much slower for home remodel spending, two types of projects remained in outstandingly positive territory during these slower times, and they were kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are still the best bet for designers and homeowners even in slow markets, but the home remodel industry is set to recover from a relatively slower 2016 in the coming months. The latest Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) reading from the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (JCHS) indicates that the industry can expect accelerations in market growth in 2017 with "above-average gains" in home renovation, remodeling and repair. This growth is projected to come “close to full recovery" by mid-2017.

However, this forecast is somewhat lower than the initial projection the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University provided in April, which foresaw growth climbing to 8.6 percent by the end of 2016 and hitting 9.7 percent during the first quarter of 2017. Additionally, it should be noted that growth is expected to be stronger in home repairs and smaller, DIY homeowner projects, which is good news for suppliers, but less so for designers, renovators and remodel contractors.

However, that doesn’t mean that designers are out of the picture for remodel projects in 2017. With a surge in interest and demand for remodels, certified interior designers have the opportunity to turn the tide to their advantage, providing expert consultation as homeowners decide on which remodel projects to take on, and how to achieve the best results. One of the reasons the remodel industry is trending is that more people are purchasing homes that require a little extra work to get to ideal living conditions. But the remodel trend is also being bucked by a projected increase in disposable income for 2017.

This means that certified interior designers focusing on updating old spaces and providing efficient and modern design will have the opportunity to utilize a range of skills in the 2017 remodel market. Other remodel trends such as kitchen and bath remodels, aging in place and universal design will remain popular and in demand for certified interior designers.

However, the previous tenacity shown in the demand for kitchen and bath remodels should be an excellent indicator that specializing in this area can be advantageous both in times of high and low demand. Brad Hunter, chief economist with HomeAdvisor, remarked that kitchen and bath remodels continue to be the most popular with homeowners, and that more homeowners are now taking on multiple projects, such as remodeling both the kitchen and the bath at the same time.

As remodel demand increases in the New Year, the need for designers and contractors will increase as well. As we approach the beginning of 2017, be sure to develop and renew contacts and networks with other professionals in the design and construction industries in order to best collaborate during what could be a busy season in the new year.

Source: California Legislative Coalition For Interior Design

All Black Er'Thing





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If you've followed my own blog for any period of time, you'll know that I am a huge, huge fan of matte black.  It's my personal dream to have black walls, black furniture, all black er'thing.  But living in sunny South Florida, black is not really in the cards for me right now, you can't really have 12 hour a day sun (I know this makes you Brits jealous) and an all-black room.  But until I can snag that second home in the New England countryside, I have to content myself with virtual decorating.  So here are a few tips for interior decorating with black:

  1.  If you're going to paint a wall black, it pretty much needs to be perfect (both the wall condition and the paint job itself).  Dark paint colors aren't really suitable for old buildings with uneven walls, plaster and moulding, the dark colors tend to show imperfections.  It can be done but just be sure to thoroughly prep your walls in advance.
  2. To really achieve a full matte look, get liberal with the furniture painting.  A black room is actually a great spot to unload all of that extra furniture you might have sitting around and filling up space, or in storage.  Or you can thrift it, the point is, you're going to paint it black.  Yep!  Just like the Rolling Stones said, paint it black.  If you do matte walls I like a high-gloss black for the furniture, it makes a really nice contrast.  And black is actually easy to paint, it covers well and if you use a thick, glossy latex, you won't have to do many coats.
  3. As far as accents go, this is where you can really express your personality.  If, after painting the walls and furniture the room is too dark for you, try a few light decorative accents like silk orchids or a light metallic print for any upholstery.  Throw pillows are also an easy way to change up the look of a room quickly and easily (don't have a sofa? Try throw pillows on dining chairs).
  4. Lighting is key here.  Definitely don't use overhead lighting (I mean actually don't ever use overhead lighting, ever).  But particularly in a dark room, low, well-placed lamps are key.  You also might consider portrait lights over any artwork, this can add a nice glow to the room.

And those are just some quick pointers, I'd love to know how you go with it! And also you can view all of my matte black inspiration on my Pinterest board here!

LA Artist Finds New Educational Outlet for His Talents

Eddie Zaratsian is showcasing his artistic floral talents in his newly released YouTube tutorial videos.

Luxury floral arrangements can now be made uniquely in your home with credit to the debut of artist Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design’s YouTube channel equipped with tutorial videosZaratsian’s YouTube channel releases a new video every Monday and Thursday.

Each video is a tutorial of Zaratsian creating unique floral arrangements. At the end of each video a breakdown of all the supplies needed to create the arrangement is given, preceded by the instructions explaining how to craft each unique arrangement. Having launched only this season, Zaratsian’s videos have over to 14,000 views.

Zaratsian’s arrangements can be seen throughout Southern California luxury hotels and events and now viewed from anywhere in the world through his YouTube channel. He is a celebrity florist that is passionate about artistic design education and showcases his talents virtually though his 18 YouTube tutorials that he has posted to date.

Aside from his newly released videos, Zaratsian also owns floral production company, Tic-Tock Couture Florals. Zaratsian exclusively trained each member of his talented team, has instilled in them his renowned techniques, and shares his expertise with each one of them. His passion for creative education is originated in this.

Zaratsian is accredited with having over two decades of industry experience and was named one of the Top 5 International Florists by The London Financial Times. Targeting to stimulate all five senses of the body, Zaratsian trademarks himself as being fluent in the many languages of design. He strives to perfect the detail in each event, whether it is a large-scale installation or an individual petal, Zaratsian’s concept is customization.

Other than owning Tic-Tock Couture Florals and releasing semiweekly tutorial videos, Zaratsian is also a creative consultant and collaborates on brand partnerships. In his tutorial videos, Zaratsian demonstrates how to make tabletop, seasonal, and holiday floral arrangements. When he’s not filming tutorial videos, Zaratsian’s services include event design, brand partnerships, speaking engagements, and consulting. On his website, seasonal floral subscriptions and his coffee table book can be purchased. His extensive experience, signature pieces, and unique work drives attention to his YouTube channel and floral production company.

For more information about Eddie Zaratsian’s work and new YouTube channel, email, call (310) 508-6126, visit, or visit Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design on YouTube.

Polaris Home Design Features Arrival of New Flooring Options

Polaris Home Design expands their flooring selection with hardwood, laminate, bamboo, cork, tile, vinyl and many other options.

Leading home design retailer Polaris is now featuring a brand new selection of flooring options, which longtime customers and first-timers alike are welcome to browse at their local showroom. The new additions to their growing collection of bathroom and kitchen refinishing options are expected to boost the company’s growing fan following while maintaining their commitment to quality products.

"Bathroom flooring and kitchen flooring has been our specialty for years, but after some success with all of the options previously available, we thought it would be a good idea to respond to rising demand and bring some new players to the table"

- Mike Wazowski, Vice President

The new offerings include traditional favorites, as well as new options that previous customers may not have seen before. Hardwood, various laminate patterns and styles, durable bamboo, cork, tile, and vinyl are just a few examples of what visitors can expect. All of these options have been specifically selected for the needs and tastes of their local clientele. While in-person showings are the best way to learn in detail about all of these options, a full catalogue of options is available on their website,

A company spokesperson for Polaris Home Design offered his insight into the new flooring arrivals, commenting “bathroom flooring and kitchen flooring has been our specialty for years, but after some success with all of the options previously available, we thought it would be a good idea to respond to rising demand and bring some new players to the table. I personally have always been a fan of hardwood flooring, seeing all of the new stock recently unloaded into our storeroom has got my heart racing!”

In addition to flooring options, Polaris Home Design also offers a variety of faucets, toilets, and vanities for bathroom installation. For kitchens, countertops and tiles add to their other selections. Bringing all of these resources together, the company has endeavored to become the leading source for home design. Offering all the materials necessary, as well as a trained staff, they have been assisting their customers with a variety of home design projects for years. While opening their showroom in 2014, their team has been working in residential and commercial construction since 2002, which is a breadth of experience they continue to use on a daily basis.

Inspired By: Kuba Cloth




I’ve recently been feeling inspired by African crafting and patterns (because my company serves clients from all over the world I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some African clients, and I’d really like to go someday).  There are a lot of gorgeous colors in African patterns and art, but I tend to prefer the neutrals, like Juju hats (you might like my post on juju hats here) and Kuba cloth.  Throw in some gorgeous Pampa rugs from Argentina (different continent, similar look!) to round out the effect.

Kuba textiles are made primarily in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), and they’re made with raffia palm in a piled texture to look like velvet (and who doesn’t like velvet?!).  I love them because they’re a great neutral base but with loads of visual interest.  So if you’re struggling with a neutral interior, try some of these natural patterns to incorporate a pop of global chic into your decor, and please feel free to enjoy (and share!) my graphic inspiration below!

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