BOWEN, Top NY Digital Agency, Gets Company Culture Makeover with New Location and Branding Upgrade

BOWEN, one of the New York City area’s top-performing web design and digital marketing agencies, has just undergone a major image overhaul. With a new name, logo, website, and a brand new, graffiti-decorated, urban-inspired space, BOWEN, formerly BOWEN Media, is set up to continue its rapid rise in the industry.

BOWEN decided to go through such a large branding and cultural shift to provide a more inspiring workplace environment for its growing team of passionate design and digital marketing professionals and to give clients the cutting-edge sophistication that they are looking for in an experienced New York digital agency.

Commenting on the changes, CEO Dan Bowen explained, “Our clientele was expanding quickly, we were faced with more demand and greater expectations – instead of expanding our original brand, we decided to evolve with where our work was taking us. That’s why we did an entire rebirth, BOWEN style.”

While the dedication, originality, and skill of the BOWEN team remain the same, everything else about this visionary web design company has been impacted by the recent upgrades from the strikingly cool logo to the new location. Thanks to consistent 60% year over year growth for the past five years, BOWEN was able to undergo the changes while still reigning as one of the most competitive digital agencies in the New York and Long Island area.

Last month, the company moved into the new, industrial-chic location. The space is centered around a two-story display of graffiti art on the walls, performed by local artist, Zimer. The new office is three times larger than the former, allowing space for the team to grow, and plenty of room for the type of courageous thinking and collaboration that has allowed BOWEN to excel at custom web design and the innovative digital marketing services that the agency’s clients have come to expect.

The digital agency also launched their new website on November 1st, revealing the striking new logo design and brand image. Heading into 2017, BOWEN is excited to continue playing an essential role in expanding the reach of their clients’ businesses with powerful web design and digital marketing services, and looks forward to enjoying this branding evolution and the future that it will bring.