Just as organic food is becoming mainstream in developed countries, organic clothing is also gaining popularity in recent years. As new moms meticulously look for things are safe and best for their babies, organic baby and children’s clothing is gaining popularity. As we all know cotton clothing has a very good reputation as it lets your skin breathe and regulates body temperature.

But, recent studies have helped consumers realise that conventional cotton uses nearly 25% of world’s insecticides and pesticides. All these residues are still left in the cotton clothes we wear without us even realising it. As baby skin is more soft, delicate and porous these pesticide residues can penetrate their skin and might aggravate skin issues.

The reason organic cotton clothing is gaining popularity is that it is grown from non-GM seeds and without the use of pesticides and insecticides, making them safe for sensitive and delicate baby skin. As it is not treated with any chemicals the strands are relatively strong, versatile and durable. Organic clothing last longer than conventional cotton clothing. Baby boutiques that source wholesale baby and children’s clothes are opting to buy from brands that offer organic clothing. This is a welcoming trend in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is one of the major cause of environmental pollution and clothing made using GOTS certified organic cotton is not only gentle on the skin and also a better choice for the environment.

NIOVI, an Australian organic baby clothing brand wants to change the way in which the fashion industry operates. After first hand witnessing the impact the fast fashion industry has on the environment, the founders decided to start their own fashion label primarily following a slow fashion transparent business model. Started with a small retail range they have now started offering wholesale on their baby clothes and looking to expand up to size 7 in coming years. Speaking to the founders, they say though many brands are shifting towards the organic trend, it is very important to source clothing that conforms to GOTS or any other reputable organic standard. The standards and certification ensure that the clothing sourced is indeed organic and they are treated separately to prevent cross contamination. As the first 7 years of development is crucial for a baby, NIOVI wants to focus on that age group and slowly expand to larger age groups if the trend continues.

Fair work culture and ethical manufacturing need to be the norm in the fashion industry and we have to focus on reducing the fashion trash that is ending up in the landfill. Retailers and consumers need to start making choices that are safe for the environment and also people involved in the supply chain.