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If you’ve followed my own blog for any period of time, you’ll know that I am a huge, huge fan of matte black.  It’s my personal dream to have black walls, black furniture, all black er’thing.  But living in sunny South Florida, black is not really in the cards for me right now, you can’t really have 12 hour a day sun (I know this makes you Brits jealous) and an all-black room.  But until I can snag that second home in the New England countryside, I have to content myself with virtual decorating.  So here are a few tips for interior decorating with black:

  1.  If you’re going to paint a wall black, it pretty much needs to be perfect (both the wall condition and the paint job itself).  Dark paint colors aren’t really suitable for old buildings with uneven walls, plaster and moulding, the dark colors tend to show imperfections.  It can be done but just be sure to thoroughly prep your walls in advance.
  2. To really achieve a full matte look, get liberal with the furniture painting.  A black room is actually a great spot to unload all of that extra furniture you might have sitting around and filling up space, or in storage.  Or you can thrift it, the point is, you’re going to paint it black.  Yep!  Just like the Rolling Stones said, paint it black.  If you do matte walls I like a high-gloss black for the furniture, it makes a really nice contrast.  And black is actually easy to paint, it covers well and if you use a thick, glossy latex, you won’t have to do many coats.
  3. As far as accents go, this is where you can really express your personality.  If, after painting the walls and furniture the room is too dark for you, try a few light decorative accents like silk orchids or a light metallic print for any upholstery.  Throw pillows are also an easy way to change up the look of a room quickly and easily (don’t have a sofa? Try throw pillows on dining chairs).
  4. Lighting is key here.  Definitely don’t use overhead lighting (I mean actually don’t ever use overhead lighting, ever).  But particularly in a dark room, low, well-placed lamps are key.  You also might consider portrait lights over any artwork, this can add a nice glow to the room.

And those are just some quick pointers, I’d love to know how you go with it! And also you can view all of my matte black inspiration on my Pinterest board here!